Welcoming Crista and Sergio to Homeownership!

Published August 14, 2020 by Reach Martindale

Welcome to Homeownership!

We are so excited to welcome Crista and Sergio to our Attainable Homes family!  We had so much fun getting to know their family and the whole process was filled with laughter!  We sat down with Crista and Sergio after they purchased with Attainable Homes to share their journey into homeownership.

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  1. What brought you to Attainable Homes?
    It was a way for us to afford our own home without pressure of making a larger down payment. This program was so beautifully created for those struggling in the rental market. 
  2. What was your favourite part about the buying process?
    It was ridiculously easy. My husband and I were aghast at how painless and straightforward the process was from start to finish! I remember getting out from the lawyer's office and looking at Sergio going "That's it? Wow.".
  3. Do you have a fun fact or story about your family you would like to share?
    How we told our kids we bought a house is a pretty fun one. We painted bird houses and let them dry. Next day we said "ok! Let's go outside and hang these up" and piled them into the vehicle and took off. They were happily chatting together while my husband and I giggled about what we were doing. Halfway they clued in that we weren't anywhere near our old neighbourhood. We walked to the front of the house and said "SURPRISE! We get to hang them up at our new house!". To say the kids were surprised was an understatement. That's a memory we'll always cherish. 

To start your own journey into homeownership, contact Taylor at Martindale today!

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