The Feeling of HOME!

Published March 29, 2021 by Reach Martindale

Meet Adriano and his lovely wife!

This power couple is the definition of driven! They successfully used our program to obtain their very first home, completed the whole process and are now officially the sole owners of their beautiful home in Bowness! See what else they loved about our program!

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  1. What brought you to Attainable Homes?
    I was biking around Bowness when I saw the construction with a big sign that read own for just $2,000 down! I couldn’t believe it so I had to call to see if it was true and sure enough it was!  
  2. How did you find our process from start to finish?
    Two words, easy and smooth!  
  3. What have you enjoyed the most about living in your home?
    Knowing that it is mine and that I’m investing in my future  
  4. Any advice you would like to share for those who are looking into homeownership?
    The whole process is totally worth it! When you get to go home every day knowing that you own your house and that it actually feels like HOME is the best feeling!  
  5. Do you have a fun story or fact about yourself or your family you would like to share?
    Actually, yes! Our house is well isolated, when it is very hot outside our home is still cool inside, and vice versa for winter. My wife always feels hot, and I always feel cold. There is always a constant battle with our thermostat! We also made our flex room into a spin studio, so we always bike together and wave to everybody as they pass by!

    If you want a place to fight over the thermostat in or to have that feeling of HOME, contact Taylor today to learn how you can get started!

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